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ellen mayer balancing act mural

"Balancing Act" Mural Permanently Installed in Indianapolis

Finally after one and a half years LILLY ONCOLOGY has been trying to get my Mural "BALANCING ACT" placed in NYC since it was a winner for NYC but there was so much red tape they could not wait any longer. So it has become a PERMANENT INSTALLATION in Indianapolis, close to the Lilly Oncology Headquarters. Here are the pictures.

It’s been two years since we launched The Hope Murals Project and we are thrilled with the impact this national art movement has had. From 600 paintbrushes to 1,000 gallons of paint and 2,500+ amazing volunteers later, we are so proud of the strength and inspiration that each community has displayed. Today, we proudly share our final installation entitled “Balancing Act,” which has found a home in Indianapolis. #HopeOnCanvas


Ellen Mayer

Ellen was born in New York City. Her work has appeared in group and solo shows at Papp Gallery, Midoma Gallery and A.I.R. Gallery, New York City. Ellen Mayer has also exhibited at the Lycian Theater, Sugarloaf, NY, Varga Gallery, Woodstock, NY, Winslow Therapeutic Center "Healing with Horses" Warwick, NY, Harness Racing Museum, Goshen, NY, Howland Cultural Center, Beacon, NY, Newburgh Art Gallery, Newburgh, NY, Painter's Gallery, Cornwall, NY, Hambletonian Fine Art Show and Competition, Sugar Loaf, and many others.
Englewood, NJ Hospital Emergency Room Installation
Ellen Mayer a New York Artist who recently moved to Wayne, N.J. was inspired by her daughter-in-law, a PA in emergency at Englewood Hospital to create this painting, Titled: (Holding On).  Dedicated to the first responders during the Covid crisis.  It is a permanent installation In Englewood Hospital Emergency Room.
2016 Hudson Valley International Film Festival
On Saturday August 27, 2016, my work was featured at the 2016 Hudson Valley International Film Festival:  Ellen Mayer was born in NYC and started her career as a fashion Illustrator in Manhattan at the young age of 18. She has been a working artist ever since, Her paintings have been shown all over NYC and other places. She currently
The Hope Murals Project
The Hope Murals Project
'Know there is hope' - Cancer survivor Ellen Mayer's winning mural to become permanent part of NYC landscape
'Know there is hope' - Cancer survivor Ellen Mayer's winning mural to become permanent part of NYC landscape
Ellen Mayer of Chester has enjoyed an incredible amount of luck in her life. When she was only 18, just out of high school, she was waiting in line with more than 50 other people, portfolio in hand, to be interviewed for a job in fashion. She was on her lunch hour, and figured she had nothing to lose. She was asked to illustrate something — and, ju
Lilly: Hope Murals Project in Grand Central, “A Balancing Act”
In The Media - Winter 2014
   Hope Murals Project in Grand Central, "A Balancing Act" - November 2014 Featured on PACE (Patient Access to Cancer care Excellence) - read article here Know There Is Hope - November 2014 Featured in The Chronicle - read the article here GIST Survivor Ellen Mayer Describes Her Painting Called Balancing Act
Announcing The Launching of the RARE 13 Campaign
"Intense, swift strokes of strong dark colors and textures with quick motion and layering of paint are the core of my work. Inspired by the feelings of motion and emotion, my hand paints what I feel and incorporates the imbalance in shapes and color I see in life and people. My oils on canvas and acrylic on board paintings, influenced by Max Beckma
The Hope Murals Project National Art Movement Culminates in Painting Event at Grand Central Terminal on October 23
Published: October 23, 2014 NEW YORK, Oct. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Chester, N.Y., resident Ellen Mayer wears many hats: professional artist, inventor, wife, mother, grandmother, recent college graduate and, as of October 23, muralist. Mayer is also a cancer survivorand kickboxer who notes, "My true grit helped me stay strong and knock out my cance
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