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ellen mayer balancing act mural

"Balancing Act" Mural Permanently Installed in Indianapolis

Finally after one and a half years LILLY ONCOLOGY has been trying to get my Mural "BALANCING ACT" placed in NYC since it was a winner for NYC but there was so much red tape they could not wait any longer. So it has become a PERMANENT INSTALLATION in Indianapolis, close to the Lilly Oncology Headquarters. Here are the pictures.

It’s been two years since we launched The Hope Murals Project and we are thrilled with the impact this national art movement has had. From 600 paintbrushes to 1,000 gallons of paint and 2,500+ amazing volunteers later, we are so proud of the strength and inspiration that each community has displayed. Today, we proudly share our final installation entitled “Balancing Act,” which has found a home in Indianapolis. #HopeOnCanvas


In The Media - Winter 2014


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Lilly: Hope Murals Project in Grand Central, “A Ba...
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